Art, commerce, and research on the state of surveillance, privacy, and biometrics.

Currently working on
  • Deanonymizing experiments in facial recognition through DCGAN + super-resolution enhancement
  • Prototypes for privacy enhancing redaction tools for visual media
  • HyperFace false-face camouflage for HoG/SVM and CNN architecture
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Upcoming Talks and Exhibitions
  • Feb 25. Dortmund, Germany. Artist talk at HMKV as part of The World Without Us. Narratives.
  • March 4. Graz, Austria. The New Age of Algorithms. Panel discussion with James Bridle at Elevate Festival.
  • March 7. Bratislava. Computer Vision Camouflage presentation at Multiplace Festival.
  • April 7-8. NYC. International Workshop on Obfuscation: Science, Technology, and Theory 2017.
  • May 22-24. Copenhagen. Uncertain Image Workshop. University of Copenhagen.
  • May 30. Berlin. Presentation on the technical history of facial recognition. (tentative)
  • June 21, 2017. Ljubljana, Slovenia. Aksioma. Solo show.

HyperFace Camouflage
  • For press inquiries, please contact Hyphen Labs / @hyphen_labs
  • For technical inquiries, please contact me here
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Recent Press
  • Feb 6, 2017. Europe in 4017: Here’s What Computers Can Tell Us About the Distant Future. Custom software for Constant Dullaart’s Euronet. Creator’s Project.
  • Jan 4, 2017. HyperFace false-face camouflage on the Guardian
Recent Events